Want your site to rank highly on search engines? Here are the five tips that can swiftly help you do that;

1. Be mindful of the keyword you choose to focus on

In any field, you want to write content for, ensure the keyword you choose to focus on forms a major part of what most users always look for in the search engines. Use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to help you when coming up with these keywords. Good keywords attract better SEO ranking. 

2. Write best web content

Good content makes your website visitors become loyal to the website. When your website attracts more traffic, it tells Google or any other search engine that your website offers a good experience to your visitors. This is a plus in determining your SEO ranking. If you write poor content you risk your audience and search engine not taking not of your website.

3. Let keywords form part of the title

Besides the content title having keywords, it also needs to be appealing or interesting to entice users into clicking it. This is a sure way of raising your website/blog’s ranks.

4. Let keywords form part of the headers

You need to have in place a large header that’s supported by a number of sub-headers. This becomes specifically important for persons skimming through your content. This, therefore, increases the chance of someone opening your content when they see it on the search engine’s result page. A click to a website may mean reward of a better ranking.

5. Let the image tag and its alt tag contain your main keyword

You need to convince the search engine that you’re providing quality content. One of the ways to do that is to make the images on the website contain the keyword. The alt tag should also contain this keyword. For example, in your tourist resort website, instead of naming the image of your guest room beds as bed1.jpg, you can name it as Joyous Tourist Resort bed1.jpg, and the alt be named as Joyous Tourist Resort bed1 image.

5 Tips for boosting your ranking swiftly

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