With an online store, or a blog/website, your main objective could be to increase the number of people accessing your product/service. In other words, you could probably be trying to grow your business and meet its objective; that’s exactly what SEO seeks to help your businesses achieve. With SEO, your business is bound to benefit in a number of ways as discussed below;

  1. A good number of internet users using search Engines have a likelihood of clicking on one of the top search engine results displayed on the first page of their search. With SEO, you can take advantage of this behaviour to attract more visitors to your site, thus creating potential leads. Use SEO to your advantage to rank top in the Search engine listing. Your site commands authority when listed among the top most in the search results.
  2. It’s a better way of improving user experience on your website. Some of the good SEO rules and practices require that sites are being made to be user-friendly, especially during navigation. It’s important that SEO does not only address itself to Search engines, but also the users of the website. An SEO compliant site provides a rich user experience to the site visitors.
  3. SEO helps in the promotion of your website through social means. Search Engine users may prefer to share links to information of their interest with others on social media if the site ranks top in the search engine. With poor SEO, a user may never give a website audience, especially if the website comes in the second and subsequent result pages. For a better organic (non-paid) promotion of your website on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you need to use SEO to make it come first in the search engine search results.
  4. SEO gives you a competitive edge. Assuming you and your competitor have similar websites, except that your website is more search engine optimized. When say a user searches on the search engine for a product the two of you are offering, your website will come first before your competitor’s. This is an added advantage as you are more likely to complete a sale than your competitor.
4 reasons why SEO is important

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